Red Meat Lover’s Club Presents A Jimmy P’s Wagyu Steak and Wine Dinner

Red Meat Lover’s Club Presents A Jimmy P’s Wagyu Steak and Wine Dinner
December 5, 2019 RMLCAdmin

Red Meat Lover's Club


Museum 66

2051 High Ridge Rd, Boyton Beach, FL 33426

Boyton Beach, FL, US, 33426

Red Meat Lover’s Club has partnered with Jimmy P’s Butcher shop to create the most delicious line of meat EVER. Tonight we will dine on it.

When it comes to beef the word Wagyu is both rare and sought after.

December 12th we gather as a club to eat this amazing steak.

Jimmy P’s of Naples, FL and the RMLC have teamed together to create a line of meat that is both rare and delicious.

The dinner will be prepared by the offical caterer of RMLC, Potions in Motion.

Alec Bradley Cigars will be handed out generously

We will start with Sexzchef wings, RMLC Waygu sliders, Waygu pigs in a blanket , Waygu Meatballs , Jack n Coke short rib tacos, Waygu carpaccio station and assorted bespoke pizzas

Then We Sit For Our Main Course

Sous Vide Waygu Strip Steaks #4 , shrimp scampi mac -n-cheese and grilled veggies


Wedge of NY Cheesecake topped with candied bacon

The bar will be a curated “Savino Open” style

Brian Stylez has donated his most amazing man car cave for this dinner. Muscle cars + pinball=greatness

The cause will be Big Dog Rescue we will have live, silent and raffle to raise valuable funds for this amazing organization.

United In Causes,

The Secretary of Steak

Without the below Partners In Prime we are nothing (Shop Local)

Ross Berman ….Merrill Lynch Boca Raton …Wealth Management Advisor

Michael Alexander…Bank of America …Residential Morgage

Scott Storick ……Mass Mutual …life insurance

Ken Mordechai Diamonds East International Jewelry and Watches (wholesale prices to RMLC)

Richard M Davidson Totality Chiropractic chiropractor and wellness center . Nicest guy ever

Lee Cohen personal injury lawyer 1800CallLee

Matthew H Maschler residential real estate and matthewMania president of epic

Ryan Boylston 2TON creative agency

Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas pools and hardscaping

Scott Zankl EXCELL AUTO GROUP exotic cars and our “go to” charity support item. Thank you for the Rolls Royce dreams

561 Signs & Printing our printing specialist

Jarred Smoke Allstate Insurance, property insurance to the stars (and the secretary of steak)

Rick Jultak Marc FineShawn Ellen Apple Insurance and Financial your personal health insurance specialist

Smoke Inn Cigars Abe Dababneh you are amazing. The tobacconist to the club.

Douglas Rudman, Rudman Law Group …..criminal lawyer

Nathan E. Nachlas, MD Nose and Sinus Institute of Boca Raton , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the nose, sinuses and face

Jimmy P’s Butcher Shop, official meat supplier of RMLC Do Not get tastier then our Waygu #7 Australian Beef! Epic is the starting point on this meat.

Robert Schneider The Secretary of Steak’s doctor. Conceirge Services 24/7 individualized care. Does not get better then when you need a doctor you gotta a doctor

Tim Beasley, Gent Row, custom clothing. If they can get the Secretary of Steak into a suit, they can get anyone in a suit.

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