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The Red Meat Lovers Club

The Red Meat Lovers Club

An Exclusive Networking Club

Our mission

Our club is based around four core beliefs of enjoyment:

One, the Secretary of Steak believes all friends, coworkers, and strangers must come together over copious amounts of the glorious beast. 

Two, cigars are a perfect accompaniment to smoke together and tell stories.

Three, when in the company of cigars, beef, and friends, we raise glasses and toast each other’s accomplishments.

Four, friendships, both personal and business, are the natural greatness of this club. While this club is called The Red Meat Lover’s Club, the real name should be “Steaksmen” because we have one common goal…to make sure we are stronger as a group. 

In 1994, Evan Darnell, AKA “The Secretary of Steak,” was dining in the main hall of Tulane University and saw a sign on the dining room table that said “S.A.V.E.”: Students Advocating Vegetarian Eating. He knew there needed to be an opposing club. He later formed Red Meat Lover’s Club. The Red Meat Lovers Club held Monthly “meatings” which were hosted at various local bars and the Pike fraternity house. Upon Evan’s graduation, the membership reached 300 members. After moving to Florida in August 2017, Evan Awakened his beloved club and re-established The Red Meat Lover’s Club. Now, not much has changed except we can create more significant, more dynamic events with a dynamic core of “Steaksmen” whom love to feast on the glorious beast. 

The R.M.L.C. is based out of sunny South Florida with its eye on establishing chapters where groups of “Steaksmen” have a thirst for old brown spirts, a yearning for the glorious beast, and they want to develop strong personal and business bonds with each other. 

We exist to exalt the act of gathering, dining, and ensure that we are the best business dining club in the country. Every “meating” is a curated experience that no one else can have besides our “steaksman.” This club is a lifestyle that can only be shared with similarly visioned members. We have the desire to beef, drink, smoke, and laugh. These are the core of our existence. 

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