At the Red Meat Lovers Club the idea is to unite people from all walks of life, in facilitated events around the world, to genuinely get to know the your fellow man behind the scenes, and connect beyond the job titles, business cards, and company names.

Our club is based around four core beliefs of enjoyment:


One, the Secretary of Steak believes all friends, coworkers, and strangers must come together over copious amounts of the glorious beast. 

Two, cigars are a perfect accompaniment  to smoke together and tell stories.

Three, when in the company of cigars, beef, and friends, we raise glasses and toast each other’saccomplishments.

Four, friendships both personal and business are the natural greatness of this club. While this club is called The Red Meat Lover’s Club, the real name should be “Steaksmen” because we have one common goal…to make sure we are stronger as a group.