Red Meat Lover’s Club Presents Montecristo Steak Nashville with Matt Bolus

Red Meat Lover’s Club Presents Montecristo Steak Nashville with Matt Bolus
August 1, 2021

Casa de Montecristo

600 9th Avenue South #130, Nashville, TN 37203

Nashville, TN, US, 37203

Casa De Montecristo and Red Meat Lover’s Club collaborate to bring Montecristo Steak to Nashville for one night only with Chef Matt Bolus

The time is now to rename Nashville’s Casa de montecristo! One night only…..Montecristo Steak.

The Secretary of Steak and Team Montecristo has tapped the Red Meat Lover’s Club’s Steakman, Chef Matt Bolus to provide an off the menu experience that can be classified as “meat mountain’s with a view of deliciousness.”

Think large format meats, buckets of brown spirits, cigars by the handful, philanthropy and making fellow “meating” members into new friends.

Buffalo Trace Distillery will be featured throughout the evening.

The scene will take place Nashville’s Casa De Montecristo, the music will be live, there will be a live auction and beyond.

Don’t eat lunch, rookies fill up on the appetizers and be prepared to have an evening you will remember for a long time.

Montecristo Steak Menu by Matt Bolus


Bolus Burger sliders

Benton’s Bacon and Benedictine tea sandwiches

Chicken fried steak on a stick

We Sit……


“Pigs in a Comforter”

Fancy-hotdog wrapped in dry aged beef fat brioche, served with Crown Head smoked dijon mustard and a small bed of arugula

Main Courses

Pork shoulder Khouri with bourbon caramelized onions


Slow roasted beef with tobacco infused creamy horseradish

and a Special Japenese A5 suppliment steak +110 (you need this in your life)


Collard Greens and Benton’s Ham

Sweet Potato Pommes Robuchon

Sourdough and whipped pork caramel butter


Dark Chocolate Brownie with Pork Fat Caramel and cigar smoked coffee ice cream

You need this is your life.

Thank you to our sponsors and if you would like you business highlighted before , during and after the event. Be a sponsor of the evening.

100% of a raffle and Special live and silent auctions will support Crossroads Campus


As a club we will United in this Cause.

A limited RMLC 48 hour eating fest ticket will be made avaliable (many restaurants and experiences will be added to this ticket)

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