Red Meat Lover’s Club Presents Casa De Montecristo and Morton’s Steakhouse

Red Meat Lover’s Club Presents Casa De Montecristo and Morton’s Steakhouse
December 4, 2021

Morton's The Steakhouse

1050 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20036

Washington, DC, US, 20036

We gather at Casa De Montecristo DC for a cigar and cocktail and March In Lock Step to The Prime Rib for a feast and march back for more!

An exploration of the effects of time and place on life’s luxuries — Cigars, Bourbon, Prime Rib…

Please join food writer and Professional Carnivore Nick Solares and the Red Meat Lover’s Club as they launch the Washington DC’s premier networking club centered on meat, cigars, wine, spirits, and philanthropy.

Timeless DC will celebrate all of the above with an evening of cocktails and whiskey from Tattered Flag , cigars by Montecristo, and a feast at Mortons.

Most importantly we will be raising money for an amazing foundation via live and silent auction.

We will commence the festivities with a special cocktail from Tattered Flag and pre dinner cigar at Casa De Montecristo cigar lounge DC(optional and included). From there we will proceed to Mortons, located just a couple blocks from Casa De Montecristo, where we will feast on delicious beef and steakhouse classics.

We will then return to Casa De Montecristo to sample the fabled Montecristo Epic cigar and imbibe in yet more Tattered Flag. (working on the marching band)

We will have a slient and live auction to benefit an amazing cause.

Thank you to Casa De Montecristo for allowing us the opportunity to partner again.

United In Causes,

The Secretary of Steak