Red Meat Lover’s Club and Drew Estate A Night of Wu-Tang Clan, Nas and Beef

Red Meat Lover’s Club and Drew Estate A Night of Wu-Tang Clan, Nas and Beef
August 12, 2022

iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre

601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33411

West Palm Beach, FL, US, 33411

The Secretary of Steak and Drew Estate’s Jonathan Drew collaborate for a celebration of the Wu Tang , Nas and beef. This will be EPIC.

Celebrate the Wu Tang Clan and Nas with Drew Estate and the Red Meat Lover’s Club

The night will be a V.I.S night (very important steaksman) …., VIP Steaks, VIP cigars, VIP tent for us to have the best night ever.

Imagine the ultimate tailgate for two of the best who have ever done it.

This night is a collaboration of a common love 90’s hip hop, the enjoyment of bringing people together for a moment of amazing.

We will have an amazing exclusive Sexzchef dinner in a VIP tent at the ampitheatre, we will have a moment to enjoy beef before this amazing show.

Drew Estate will take this “meating” to the next level and a three pack of Drew Estate cigars will be included in every tocket purchased.

Seats will be secured and included in the price of every ticket with special VIP seats offered to a select few.

Event sponsorships will be offered as well. Please see corprate sponsorship ticket in the ticket check out page.

Open bar throughout tailgate 6:30- til Nas goes on around 9pm

The cigar lounge airstream will be parked in our tailgate for a complete night of EPIC.

The tailgate menu ……

Smash Wagyu Burgers ….

Sausage and Pepper Fried Rice ( this counts as a veggie)

Shintz….chicken sandwich ….panko crusted with a smear of duke’s mayo

Stepped Up Cheesesteaks

Sexz Bacon on a Stick

Grilled and sliced filet mignon tenderloin with truffle steak “A1”

Pigs in a Comforter Carving Station


chocolate chip cookies by cookie cartel

The Chairty Partner

Cigars For Warriors

We are honored to have the privilege of sending in excess of 1.1 million donated cigars directly to our troops wherever they are serving in the world.

We are a charity and rely on our amazing volunteers, site partners, donations centres and of course kind patrons who donate cigars & funds