The Best Cuts of Beef Money Can Buy

The Best Cuts of Beef Money Can Buy
Beef is a popular type of meat in many households and restaurants. Most meat lovers face challenges when placing meat orders and also when preparing them.It is vital to understand the different beef cuts to enjoy every bite, since quality depends on the cut. Different cooking methods bring out the juicy flavors in meat. The various cuts include the rib eye, hanger, tri-tip, porterhouse, top sirloin, and flank.
Rib Eye
The rib eye is a favorite to many meat lovers. It is a tender cut which is suitable for quick cooking methods such as grilling and broiling. The rib eye does not have any bone but meat lovers who enjoy some bone in their meal can opt for the rib steak which is just as juicy as the rib eye.
The hanger is tender cut which has a lot of flavor but this can only be achieved when cooked properly. It mainly consists of muscle fibers hence requires high heat and quick cooking methods such as grilling to avoid shrinking. It also has a coarse texture but according to meat lovers, this characteristic is lost in the flavor.
Tri tip
Tri-tip is popular for its low fat content and full flavor. It is also pocket friendly compared to other cuts of meat. Overcooking makes it tough hence it is best served when marinated and grilled.
The porterhouse is a two in one kind of meat cut as it consists of two different steaks, the New York strip as well as the Filet mignon. This makes it the thicker meat cut among others and can also be prepared using various cooking methods such as grilling, panfrying, sautéing and broiling.
Top Sirloin
The top sirloin is a lean cut suitable cut for grilling. Marinating is necessary when preparing this cut as it can be tough if not well prepared. It is different from the sirloin steak as it does not have any bone or muscles.
The flank is a less tender cut but is popular for its flavor which comes from the connective tissues. It is best served when cut in thin slices which are cut across its grain.

Beef cuts are best enjoyed when one knows the different types available in the market. Marinating is vital in preparation so that the meat can acquire maximum flavor. Most of the steaks are prepared using quick cooking methods. Grilling is a popular method of preparing beef cuts.

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